Top Three Children Monitoring Devices and App

Children Monitoring Devices

Parenting cannot be reduced to a single issue of whether or not you trust your children. Parents are more than friends they had the responsibility for the safety of their children. Sometimes this responsibility means that you take actions which from your children’s point of view is an invasion of privacy and lack of trust.

Remember that the most effective child monitor  should be a parent.

Smart phones with texting and emailing and Internet access could be used to establish relationships and communications with your children that is harmful to them.

Every parent has to find a way to establish boundaries that doesn’t stifle their children at the same time it ensures their safety.

There are child computer monitoring systems that could assist you in establishing safety parameters. It is up to you to figure out the communication style you need to have with your children to allow you to use these safety devices.

In this article are going to cover the top monitoring systems you may want to use.

On top of the list is a GPS. It allowed you to know where your children are so you can assist them if they get into trouble. Every child who has ever gotten into trouble believed the area that they were in was safe until it was too late.

Securus eZoom 1000 Personal GPS locator

The eZoom by Securus is is a personal GPS locator you can place the backpack or mounted in a car. This device requires the monitoring service that costs additional.  You can use your PC and smart phone to know where your child is.  You program the”safe” zones. When your child these days is always you’ll get alerted. If the car to child is on moves too fast you also get alerted.

This GPS monitoring could locate any item that they are attached to. You can also attached is to personal items


Another GPS monitoring device’s PocketFinder. You can create geo-fence zones which is another way of saying save zones. Receive alerts when did device enters or exits the zone. Can also become an alert through text or email when the car exceeds what you consider to be safe speed limit. Pocket fighter allows you to review up to 60 days of location history.

The monitoring can include anyone your concern about. From your children to elderly parents and those with special needs who are in your care. It can also place them in your luggage to make sure you can find them if it gets lost in your travels.

5Star Urgent Response

Greatcall 5Star urgent response medical alert device is exactly what it says it is. It alerts you and those who can help in case of a medical emergency.

It is lightweight and convenient clips that you can use to attach it to purse backpack or even a key chain.  5S has a GPS tracking. However with this free access to a round-the-clock access to LiveNurse and registered nurses it is more a medical alert device.  You can think of it and communicate it not as a monitoring device but as a call-for-help-in case-you-needed-it device. Of those your children are smart enough to know that these are the same thing.